How to Spot Water Damage

Think your home might have areas of water damage. Many homes in the Houston area have problems with water damage. Here we’ll highlight where to look and what to look out for to spot signs of water damage.

Where to Look for Water Damage

There are several areas that water damage is known to wreak havoc. One of the first places you will want to check is the ceiling and the walls; this includes the frames for windows and doorways as well. Next, you’ll want to check the floors, depending on the extent of the damage, you will want to check the subfloor. Water damage can also hide out in the areas of your home you don’t frequent as often, meaning you’ll want to also check your attic.

What to Look for

Now that you know where to look for water damage let’s go over some of the signs your home has water damage. Depending on where the water is coming from, and how much water, water damage can take various forms and can cause damage in different ways. For example, water damage on the walls might look like unusual staining, or walls look slightly swollen in appearance and are soft to the touch. Meanwhile, water damage on floors might make flooring look warped, buckled, or slightly stained.

Is it time to call a professional for your water damage restoration needs? Contact our water damage restoration team and get your Houston home one step closer to getting rid of water damage. We can also handle mold remediation and storm damage restoration.

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